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January 25, 2009
Mary Louise (Hornsby) Baggett turns 102 years old! (My maternal grandmother's aunt)

This is my maternal grandmother's mother's sister - Mary Louise known to us as Auntie.  She is 12 years old in the picture to the right! 90 year difference in between these two photographs!!!!! Amazing!!!

On the Dandridge side
Henry Durant Dandridge and family - circa 1913-1914

From left to right:  Thomas Carlisle, Harriet Rhode (Mary’s mother), Louise, Mary (Henry’s wife), Milburn, and Henry Durant
My dad has had this picture for some time. He even painted it in watercolor, using his imagination to come up with colors (a lovely pale yellow for the house!).

Young Hornsby Children
Willard 3, Louise 12, Clara 14, Merle 5

You are already somewhat aquainted with Auntie (from the picture to the left).  She is the only surviving sibling left of the above photographed generation.  Clara is my great grandmother (my maternal grandmother's mom).

Southern ladies and southern pastime
Clara Mae (Hornsby) Taylor and Erline Inez (Cercopely) Dandridge

I love this picture!  Clara Mae (left) is my maternal grandmother's mother and Erline is my dad's mother.  I think I like this so much because you have two wise Southern ladies, on the porch, in rocking chairs... just classic in my mind!

The Hornsby Family 1907
I've labeled the people in this photo the best I can

Auntie is in this photo as well - she was an infant which makes this photo and the picture of her on her 102nd birthday 102 years apart!  WOW!!!!!!

On the Lowery side
Martha Ann Gowan

This is a photo of an early ancestor, Martha Ann Gowan.  She was wife to James Jackson Crittenden and they parented Mary Edith Crittenden, my mother's paternal grandmother.  She was born July 2, 1854 and died April 14, 1916.  Photo courtsey Charles McAdams.

On the Cadena side...
Aurelia Infante Vialobos and Isidoro Capetillo Aguilar

I love this portrait.  Wedding portrait from 1910.  Aurelia and Isidoro were from Saltillio and Monterrey, Mexico and were married in Monterrey.

“In Adversis etiam fide” / “With faith, even in adversity”
 - Dandridge Motto