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Known facts include that the Dandridge surname has been in South Carolina since the early 1700s.  They were involved in both Revolutionary Wars on the side of the Continentals and the War for Southern Independence on the side of the Confederacy.  They owned land in various areas of the South Carolina Lowcountry and yes, (unfortuantely) had slaves.  On this page you will see images of some of the documents I have obtained thus far.  There are many, many more but it requires time, money, and even travel to obtain them and this will take some time to accomplish.
As you may have already seen, a brief overview of my Dandridge lineage is as follows:  me - my father - Thomas Carlisle Dandridge - Henry Durant Dandridge - Henry Thomas Durant Dandridge - John Phillip Dandridge.  This has been proven using US Census records.  DAR requires sources to be from birth, death and marriage records, Bibles (with the title page and date of publication), wills, probate records, deeds, census, diaries, old letters, etc.  For the Pioneer Certificate Program with Old St. Bartholomew Chapter (SGGenWeb), Primary Documents are listed as birth, death and marriage certificates, military records, land records, probate records, church records (birth, death, marriage), mortuary records, divorce records, estate administrative records, burial or sexton records, wills, naturalization/citizenship papers, immigration papers, census, official (signed) school records. Secondary Documents are high school yearbooks, unofficial school records (programs), bible records, baptism/christening records, obituary, tombstone inscription, county/state history, local history, tax records, plat book, family history, personal papers/letters, city/county directory, diary/journal, Freedman's bank record.  I believe the census to be enough to prove back to John Phillip only because from 1850 and forward names of children were listed under each Head of Household (I have these images included).  Prior to 1850, only the Head of Household was listed with the number of people living in the household.  This does not satisfy, to me, that these are indeed my ancestors, but circumstantionally speaking, it kind of says - Hey! These gentlemen are very likely to be your ancestors!
From what I can tell based on the documents I have obtained thus far, Dandridge family or families moved to Charles Towne (unknown yet if from Virginia or England) in the early 1700s*.  They would later settle in St. Paul's Parish (aka Stono).  Sometime between 1790 and 1820, they moved to St. Bartholomew's Parish (Colleton County) and then St. George's Parish (then in Colleton County, but now in Dorchester County).  You will see in the Mills map below (courtesy David Rumsey's historical map collection) That the Dandridge name is noted on the map along modern day Highway 61 close to Givhans Ferry.  Sometime after that, they were noted to be in Sheridan Township - which is supposed to be modern day Cottageville (though I'm still trying to pinpoint exact locations).
From what I've found so far, there was a land grant for 550 acres in a cypress swamp at the head of Island Creek (wherever that is!) in Colleton County.  This was granted to Francis Dandridge, a suspected ancestor.  This was written in 1736, but I think backdated to 1731. (see image below)  This would be when the Dandridges began to trek out from Charles Towne.  I also have from "Register of St. Philip's Parish, Charles Town, or Charleston, S.C., 1754-1810" an entry that says, "1758 Jany 17 Was buried Francis Dandridge" (see the side bar with his will transcription where both John and Joseph are listed as sons).  I have a document proving a John Dandridge of SC to be in the Continental Army just before the siege of Charles Towne by Cornwallis.  He had a brother, Joseph (my suspected ancestor) that, if I am reading the documents correctly, helped to provide the Continentals with supplies. I am told that Joseph had a son named John (this son - grandson to Elizabeth, Francis's wife - is mentioned in Elizabeth's will in the sidebar) and he would be the one to sign the 1824 tax return you will see in the images below and, presumably, lived near Givhans Ferry as shown in the Mills Map below.  John would father John Phillip (and others of course) and John Phillip was a Confederate Soldier (I have copies of the Company Muster Rolls showing his service from Oct 1863 to Dec 1864).  John Phillip, as stated above, I am 100% certain to be my direct ancestor via the census records shown below.  Fast forward to Henry Durant Dandridge (aka Henry Thomas Durant Dandridge, Jr.), my paternal grandfather's father.  He owned the house you see in the photo on this site's Home page.  They lived in Colleton County (Cottageville/Sheridan Township) until after 1920, when their cotton failed (oral tradition has it that the boll weevil destroyed their cotton - NOTE there was a bad invasion of boll weevils in the 1920s indicating that this tale is quite true!) they moved to Charleston, SC (as seen in the 1930 census below).  Charleston is where both my father and I (and my uncle and my siblings and my children) were all born.
*There is a George Dandridge buried at the Circular Congregational Church on the corner of Cumberland and Meeting St.'s in Charleston, SC.  His headstone states he came to Charles Towne from England.  He very likely is a lateral ancestor, and not a direct ancestor.
Below are document images I have obtained on the Dandridge family in SC (Please note that there are no federal census records pertaining to any branch of my family for 1890 as there was a warehouse fire eliminating almost all census records for that year - how very unfortunate!) :

1824 Tax Return
for John Dandridge (presumably John Phillip's father)

Part of 1825 Mills Map of Colleton County, SC
Dandridge name appears along "Road to Charleston"

Marriage License -Thomas C. Dandridge
info on marriage license for Thomas Carlisle Dandridge and Erline Inez Cercopely (my dad's parents)

1790 US Census
from St. Paul's Parish/Stono - has both Jonathan (Jno) and Joseph Dandridge

1800 US Census
from St. Bartholomew's Parish - John Dandridge

1810 US Census
Colleton County - John Dandridge

1820 US Census
St. George's Parish - Jonathan (Jno) Dandridge

1830 US Census
St. Bartholomew's Parish - John Dandridge

1840 US Census
St. Bartholomew's Parish - John Dandridge

1850 US Census
St. Bartholomew's Parish, Colleton County - John Dandridge

1860 US Census
St. Bartholomew's Parish, Colleton County - John Dandridge

1870 US Census
Sheridan Township, Colleton County - John Dandridge

1880 US Census
Sheridan Township, Colleton County - Henry and first wife Jane (who died in 1883)

1900 US Census
Sheridan Township, Colleton County - Henry and second wife Agnes

Some notes:  Yes, I know that the 1880 Census shows Henry married to Jane (Mary Jane who died in 1883) and then in 1900, it says that Henry and Agnes were married for 27 years.  This math is way off and this is where the 1890 US Census would have come in VERY handy!  Occassionally dates, ages and years married may have been reported wrong by mistake.  Agnes is my ancestor's mother.  Agnes and Mary Jane were sisters, maiden name Jacques (according to the register report given to me by Rehoboth United Methodist Church in Round O, Colleton County, SC.).

Download info on Rehoboth and Dandridge family - including the above mentioned register

1910 US Census
Sheridan Township, Colleton County - Henry (Durant) Dandridge (daughter's name is Louise)

1920 US Census
Maple Cane Rd - Sheridan Twnsp, Colleton Co - Henry (Durant) Dandridge (Carlisle is my grandfather)

1930 US Census
Rutledge Ave, Ward 12, Chas, SC - Henry (Durant) Dandridge (my grandfather not listed here)

Land warrant grant
1731/1736 land grant to Francis Dandridge - I need help locating this land!

Dandridge coat-of-arms
Motto "In adversis etiam fide" means "with faith, even in adversity"

WILL OF FRANCIS DANDRIDGE (Dec 26, 1757 - Note: He was buried at St. Phililps in Charleston January 17, 1758)
South Carolina/.   In the Name of God Amen The Twenty Sixth day of December in the thirty first Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and fifty seven I Francis Dandridge of Stono in St. Pauls Parish in the Province of South Carolina Planter being Sick and Weak in Body but of Sound and disposing mind and Memory and Considering the Uncertainty of this Transitery Life and the Certainty of Death do therefore make Publish and Declare this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say Principally I commen my Soul to the Mercy of God my Creator in and through Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer by whom and from Whom I Trust to Receive the Pardon of all my Sins and obtain Eternal Life and my body at Death I Committ to the Earth to be decently Interred at the Discreation of my Executors herein after Named And as to such Worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to bestow on me in this Life I herebyWill and dispose of the Same in Manner and form following IM-PRIMUS I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Dandridge all that Parcel or Tract of Land whereon I dwell at Stono in Saint Pauls Parish in the Province aforesaid Containing Two Hundred Acres butting on the North Side on Land belonging to Isaac nichols to the Eastward on Land belonging to Captain John Smith to the southward on Land the Property of Jehu Elliott and to the Westward on Land belonging to Captn thomas Law Elliott for Ever  Item I Give and Bequeath unto my said Wife Elizabeth Dandridge all those my Six Negro Slaves known by the names of Cupid Rose and her Child Phillis Patience and her Daughter Lester together with all my Household furniture wheresoever or whatsoever to her and Her Heirs for Ever  Item  I Give and Devise and Bequeath unto my Son Joseph Dandridge all those my two Negroes Slaves known by the Names of Bonnar and Lucy and also her son Stepney to him and his heirs for Ever  Item  I give and Bequeath unto my Son John Dandridge my Negro named Priscilla to him and his Heirs for Ever.  Item I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Frances Prue wife of Jno Prue my Negro Slave named Rachel to her and her heirs for Ever and as for and conerning all that my Tract of Land Situate at the Horse Shoe containing Five hundred Acres of Land more or Less bounding on Land formerly the property of William Fairchild My Will is that the Same together with my four Negro Slaves named Gambia Tompuss Jenny and Flora as also the Cattle Mares Horses and Sheep be Sold and the money aris'n therefrom/after all my Lawfull Debts are paid/ to be divided as follows that is to Say the one half thereof to my beloved Wife Elizabeth Dandridge and the other half part there I Give unto my two sons Joseph and John Dandridge to be Equally divided between them And Lastly I Nominate Constitute and appoint my Good Friends John Prue and Robert McKown Jun'r Executores of this my Last Will and Wills by me at any time or Times heretofore made or declared Either by Word or Writing And I do ratifie and Confirm this and no other to be and remain as and for my Last Will and Testament   IN WINESS whereof I the said Francis Dandridge to this my Last Will and Testament Containing In two Sheets of Paper have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written____________
                                         Francis Dandridge (Seal)
(Notarized by Wm Wyatt James Wilkye Thomas Stock

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN.  I Elizabeth Dandridge of the Parish of St Pauls Stono in the Province of aforesaid Widow being in a Weak and Infirm State of Bodyly health but Blessed be God of Sound Perfect and Disposing Mind memory and understanding and Calling to mind the Uncertainty of Life and that it is appointed for all Once to die do make Publish and declare this to be and contain my last Will and Testament in manner following First and Principally when it shall Please God to Call me Hence  I Resign my Precious and Immortal Soul into His Almighty Protection Humbly hopping for the Remission of my Sins Thro the Merits and Mediation of my Blessed savior Jesus Christ and my body I Commit to the Earth to be Decently Buried at the Discretion of my Executors Herein after mentioned and Named and as to What Worldly Estate it Hath Pleased Almighty God of his Bounty to bestow upon me After all my Just debts and Funeral Expencies are Payed and Fully satisfied I do hereby give devise and bequeath the same in Manner and Form following Viz. Imprimis.  I give and Bequeath and do Divise Unto my son Joseph Dandridge the Use of my three Negroes Slaves to Wit Patience a Wench and Hannah and Elsey  Two girls and her Daughters and the Use of their Future Issue and Increase for and during the Term of his Natural Life and after his decease then I give devise and Bequeath my said three Negroe Slaves and their Issue and Increase to my Son Joseph Dandridges Child named John his Heirs and Assignes for ever,  Item.  I Give Devise and Bequeath Unto my son John Dandridge the use of my Negroe Slave Cubit for and During the Term of his Natural Life and no Longer and after his Decease then I Give devise and bequeath the said Negro fellow Cubit to my grandson Joseph Dandridge to him his heirs and assigns for ever.  Item. I give and devise and Bequeath Unto my two sons Joseph and John Dandridge and their Heirs and Assignes for ever all my House Hold goods Furniture and Imployments of House hold and of Spices and Denomination and Also all my waring apparel and Lining the same to be Equally Divided between them Share and Share Alike.  Item.  I give Devise and Bequeath unto my Grandson Joseph Dandridge son of the Abovesaid Joseph Dandridge and his Heirs and Assignes for ever all that my Plantation or Tract of Land Containing Two Hundred Acres More or Less Situate lying and Being in the Parish of St. Pauls Stono whereon I now Live and Resid with the Mereditiments and Appurtenancies Thereunto Belonging Also my following Negro Slaves Vix. Charlotte a Wench hager Her Daughter and Dick a Boy wiht their future Issue and Increase of the said Femail Slaves Lastly I do hereby Nominate Constitute and Appoint my two sons Joseph Dandridge and John Dandridge Joseph Bacon and Elizabeth Dandridge Executors of this my last Will and Testament Revooking by these Presents all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made and Declaring this Only to be my last Will and Testament Contained on this Preceeding Page of one Sheet of Post Paper in Witness whereof I the Said Elizabeth Dandridge Have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this September 20th Day of in the year of our (Saviour) One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy One and in the Eleventh Year of his Majestys Reign.
(signed, witness and notarized)

The above Will transcriptions by me were of will transcriptions on Microfilm at Charleston County Library (South Carolina Room) on Calhoun St., Charleston, SC.  Location of wills on microfilm obtained using "Index to Wills of Charleston County South Carolina 1671-1868" by the Charleston Free Library, 1950.  Francis Dandridge's will is on Volume 8 (1757-60) on page 178 and Elizabeth Dandridge's will is on Volume 14 (1771-74) on page 124.

Below is an image of the obituary for John Phillip Dandridge (my grandfather's great-grandfather and Confederate soldier).  Image sent to me by Dr. Phillip Stone at Wofford's Sandor Teszler Library.

1893 The Advocate (Methodist newspaper)
Obituary dated February 18, 1893

Below are images of obituaries from the Press and Standard newspaper of Walterboro, SC.  Images were sent to me by a researcher at the Colleton County Memorial Library.

1936 Press and Standard, Walterboro
Obituary for Henry Thomas Durant Dandridge (my grandfather's paternal grandfather).

1972 Press and Standard, Walterboro-Columbia
Obituary for Henry Durant Dandridge (my grandfather's father). He died the year my sister was born.

1977 Press and Standard, Walterboro
Obituary for Mary (Rhode) Dandridge (my grandfather's mother). She died the year I was born.

“In Adversis etiam fide” / “With faith, even in adversity”
 - Dandridge Motto