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My husband, Roger Leo Desilets, Jr., was born and raised in Charleston, SC along with his sister and brother.  His father, Roger Leo Desilets, Sr. is originally from Worcester, Mass (pronounced wuster).  He, and another brother currently in Arizona, were the only two from their generation to leave the Northeastern US.  Roger Sr. was in the air force and was stationed here in Charleston, SC.
Prior to  Massachusetts, the Desilets family lived in Woonsocket, RI.  There had been a mass migration from Quebec from the late 1800s and into the early 1900s due to poor farming conditions in Quebec.  Woonsocket has the Museum of Work and Culture that helps one to witness what those past generations had to endure in Quebec and in the US Northeastern milltowns.
Antoine Desrosiers (French for "from the roses") was born in Lyon, France in 1619.  He emigrated to Quebec and a modern day descendant, Georges Desrosiers, has written a book about Antoine's life in Quebec. Here is some information from the book and another source, translated in English.
One of Antoine's sons was Michel Desrosiers.  He would add Desilets to the end of his name (Michel Desrosiers Desilets) and also married a half algonquin woman.  The family and descendants stayed in Quebec for more than 200 years until the aforementioned migration to the US.  Antoine has many, many descendants and I have these people to thank for the information I have on this family line.  If anyone has any records, historical documents, pictures... anything that I can add to this page, please contact me and I will be more than happy to do so!

SOON TO COME:  I do have the images for US Federal Census records for William Desilets and his family (1880 - Woonsocket, RI) and for Arthur Desilets and his family (1930 - Woonsocket, RI).
Again, if anyone has something add or correct, please let me know!  Thank you!!!

Desilets Coat-of-Arms
Desilets is French for "from the islands" - perhaps in honor of Trois Rivieres, Quebec

Below are some records for some Desilets ancestors. Forgive me, I do not recall where I found them (maybe, maybe not?).  If any of this looks familiar and knows where the credit lies, please let me know.  There is no copyright for these as the time frame allowed for copyrighted material expired long ago.  Thank you!

Download church birth record of Arthur Desilets in 1888

Download church burial record from 1768 for Jean Baptiste Desilets

Download church marriage record for Moise Desilets in 1836

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