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On October 23, 1935, Miss Erline Inez Cercopely became Mrs. Thomas Carlisle Dandridge.  They would later have two sons, the younger of which would be my father.
Her father was Clarence J. Cercopley and her mother was Ruby Cox.  She had a number of siblings that include, to my knowledge, Eugene, Joseph, Alice, Harold, Vergie, George, John, Ella, Barbara and Rutledge (who died in childhood).  If anyone knows of anything different, please let me know!
Clarence's parents were Joseph Wade Cercopely and Francis Flemming and I believe Joseph's father was George Mateo Felix Cercopely - a confederate soldier.
I know from my father that Erline and her sisters were members of the UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy). 
I am still trying to find proof of the Cercopely line.  This is complicated because there were several spellings of Cercopely (Cercoply, Cercuply, and many more) as well as, according to a member tree on, the name originates from Spanish or Greek surname Hedsorcopli.  They also moved around a lot.  Early settlement was in Florida, then Georgia and Florida and eventually South Carolina.  There may have been one ancestor that left the US temporarily but came back.
Notice the transcriptions to the right that I did of Death cards for Charleston containing the name Cercopely (or variations of Cercopely).  Note that Mrs. Lee and Joseph Wade (parents to Clarence) have their place of death listed as #563 Meeting St., which is the same as the address listed for Clarence and Ruby in the 1930 US Census (see photograph of house at the bottom right of this page).
I also have been photographing graves of Cercopelys (and other families) as I find them.  You can view grave photos I'm uploading on
Below are the images I have thus far on the Cercopely line:

Marriage info for Erline Inez Cercopely

Marriage info for Joseph Wade Cercopely

1930 US Census
563 Meeting St., Ward 10, Chas, SC - Clarence J. Cercopely

Charleston Death Cards
NAME  Cercopuly, C.M.
Age   1 yr 10 mo     Female White
Place of Birth  Charleston
Pl. Residence    695 King St
Occupation    Minor
Disease   Measles, Comp. with Teething
Physician  W.M. ?Fulch  
Place of Interment Magnolia Cemetery
Date of Death  July 30, 1869
(NOTE: NO ORIGINAL RECORD ON FILE Copied from book record)
NAME Cercopely, Eugiene F. 
Male  White
Age 17 Days
Place of Birth  Chas. S.C.
Pl. Residence  38 Aiken St.
Disease  Convulsions
Physician A.E. Baker 
Place of Interment  Magnolia
Date of Death  February 12, 1895
CERCOPLEY - Joseph Wade  
Reg. No. 767
Place of Death  # 563 Meeting St.
Male ---  White
Date of Death June 25th, 1929
Age 60 yr.
Cause Pellagra (click for more information about Pellagra - also please see notes below death cards for something else)
DEATH                                          W
CERCOPELY - Mrs. Lee   
Reg. No. 699
Place of Death  #563 Meeting St.
Female ---White
Date of Death   May 17th, 1931
Age  61 Yr
CauseMitral Insufficiency Acutely Dilated Ventricle
CERCOPLY-Baby boy   B.R.#  
White Male
Date of Death May 17th, 1935 
Reg. No. 35 594
Pl. of Death  #78 Lee St.
Buried  Public Cem. May 24, 1935
   by Roper Hospital
Parents Jos. C. Cercoply, Chas. SC 
& Margaret Lucille Stanfras, Chas. SC
STILL BIRTH (Death)  B.R. 384      W
CERCOPLY    Male White
Date of Death March 7, 1938   No. 38 278
Pl. of Death  88 Romney St.
Buried  Public Cem. 3/11/38
   by Roper Hospital
Parents  Joseph Clarence Cercopely, Charleston, SC
             Margaret Lucille Stanfill, Charleston, SC
EXTRA NOTE ON PELLAGRA:  I state on the Dandridge History page that oral tradition holds that the boll weevil wiped out my ancestor's cotton and they moved to Charleston to recover.  Well, after reading the NIH page (linked in the word Pellagra above) that would confirm that the boll weevil was rampant in SC in the 1920s.  That reference is on the NIH Pellagra page titled Goldberger vs. The South.

563 Meeting Street
The house were Clarence and his family and his parents lived. His parents died in this house as well

“In Adversis etiam fide” / “With faith, even in adversity”
 - Dandridge Motto